Huggies Nappies

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  1. Huggies Ultimate Newborn 108's
    Huggies Ultimate Newborn 108's
     $38.95 ex. GST
  2. Huggies Ultimate Infant 96's
    Huggies Ultimate Infant 96's
     $38.95 ex. GST
  3. Huggies Ultimate Crawler 72's
    Huggies Ultimate Crawler 72's
     $34.95 ex. GST
  4. Huggies Ultimate Toddler 58's
    Huggies Ultimate Toddler 58's
     $34.95 ex. GST
  5. Huggies Ultimate Walker 52's
    Huggies Ultimate Walker 52's
     $34.95 ex. GST
  6. Huggies Newborn 160's
    Huggies Newborn 160's
     $53.20 ex. GST
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Wholesale Huggies Nappies

At National Australian Necessity Supplies, we understand how important it is for parents to be able to bulk buy Huggies nappies that are affordable and of the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for quality Huggies bulk nappies or Huggies Nappy Pants, you’ll be able to buy Huggies online from NAN Supplies at competitive prices. No matter what specific type of Huggies diaper you’re after, we’re confident that we will have something to suit you and your child’s needs.

Huggies Nappies We Stock

Huggies Newborn Nappies

Suitable for babies that weigh up to 5kg, Huggies newborn diapers actively stop nappy rash and skin irritation. They come with a DryTouch layer that allows fresh air to circulate around the skin, helping to keep the child dry and comfortable. Parents who have just had a baby are recommended to buy Huggies newborn nappies as they can quickly absorb runny poos.

Huggies Infant Nappies

Huggies infant nappies are great for babies that weigh 4-8kg and have delicate skin. They feature a DryTouch layer that’s fast to absorb runny poo and will help to prevent nappy rash from developing, as well as a wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when the nappy is wet, telling parents when the baby needs to be changed.

Huggies Crawler Nappies

Suitable for babies weighing 6-11kg, Huggies crawler nappies come with a stretchy waistband and large grip tabs that allows the nappy to softly but firmly fit your child. They also have soft cushioned leg elastics that stop red marks from forming on the baby’s delicate skin as well as a wetness indicator that changes colour when the baby needs to be changed.

Huggies Toddler Nappies

Huggies toddler nappies are made to keep babies weighing between 10-15kg dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours. They come with a suitably positioned protective layer to provide maximum leakage protection and liquid absorbency for both boys and girls, with the layer placed at the front of the nappy for boys and lower down for girls.

Huggies Walker Nappies

Huggies walker nappies have a very high level of absorbency due to their leak lock system that works fast to draw moisture to keep the baby dry for up to 12 hours. Its waist and sides are very stretchy, with a soft waist that’s made for babies that weigh between 13-18kg. They additionally have a wetness indicator that lets parents know when to change their child.

Huggies Junior Nappies

Huggies junior nappies include a soft and stretchy waist and sides that will keep babies that weigh 16kg or more completely comfortable and dry for up to 12 hours. They have a DryTouch layer that will immediately absorb leakage and keep the nappy dry for longer, as well as a Breathe Dry Cover that lets air circulate around the baby’s bottom to keep their skin dry and prevent nappy rash.

Huggies Nappy Pants

Huggies nappy pants come with a Breathe Dry cover layer that lets fresh air circulate to prevent nappy rash. They’re made for children weighing between 14-18kg that like to move around, as they come with a SlimFLEX absorbent core that will move with them and stop leakages and blow outs from occurring while they run around and play. They also provide 12 hours of overnight leakage protection.

Buy the Huggies Nappies You Need Today

If you’re looking for a great Huggies nappies sale, look no further than NAN Supplies. Call us on 1800 333 331 or contact us online to learn more, or buy Huggies online today.