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If you’re searching for a store based in Australia that allows you to buy bulk first aid supplies online, look no further than National Australian Necessity Supplies. We stock an extensive range of wholesale first aid supplies online that are made to meet the health and safety standards of schools and workplaces. It’s imperative that you ensure you’re always prepared for any medical emergency that may occur on your premises, and our first aid supplies can help you do just that.


Anyone looking to purchase first aid products online will of course be needing Band-Aids (also known as adhesive bandages). These are one of the most common items to see inside a first aid kit, as they can be used to cover all kinds of cuts and wounds. Not only will they keep the wound covered and clean, but they will also prevent any infections from developing. NAN Supplies stocks AeroPlast and A-Care Band-Aids – two of the best adhesive bandage brands on the market. You can rest assured that any Band-Aids you purchase from us will be of the highest quality.


When buying first aid products online, you can’t overlook bandages, as these versatile items can be used to treat many different kinds of medical problems. NAN Supplies can supply you with high-quality crepe bandages, butterfly closure strips, conforming bandages and triangular bandages that are tough, lightweight and conform to the body to give the wearer complete comfort and protection.


All first aid kits should be stocked with wound dressing supplies that can be used to wrap over both minor and serious wounds. If you need to purchase first aid products online, NAN Supplies can supply you with both combined dressings and non-adherent dressings, as well as other useful medical items such as sterile eye pads, gauze swabs and more.


NAN Supplies’ huge selection of first aid products online is perfect for restocking first aid kits to ensure you have all the first aid products you need for whenever accidents occur. From disposable face masks, alcohol swabs and antiseptic sprays through to wipes, forceps and more, you can count on NAN Supplies to provide any type of consumable product you require.


If your facility needs to stock up on medical instruments for its first aid kit, you can purchase a wide range of wholesale first aid supplies online from NAN Supplies. We can supply you with a range of medical instruments, such as hot and cold packs, thermal blankets, thermometers, safety pins and more. Every medical instrument we stock is OH&S compliant and adheres to all relevant industry laws.

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