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  1. Gloves Wire Dispenser - 1 Tier
    Gloves Wire Dispenser - 1 Tier
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Gloves Wire Dispenser

Businesses that require a high level of sanitation in their workplace can benefit from having a disposable glove dispenser mounted near areas like sinks and prep stations. Glove dispensers are mounted to walls and act as a place to store disposable glove boxes, ensuring employees always have easy access to the disposable gloves they need to do their job. Once the box is empty, it can be removed with ease and replaced with a new box.

National Australian Necessity Supplies stocks a huge selection of glove dispensers that can fulfil the needs of your workplace. As a trusted wire glove dispenser distributor in Australia, we offer businesses across the country high-quality products that make it easy for their employees to find the gloves they need to protect their hands.

The glove dispensers we have in stock are ideal for helping to keep your workplace in order. A wire glove dispenser can hold any glove box, regardless of its size or the brand. Boasting lightweight steel construction, they can be easily mounted onto walls with screws.

Why Glove Dispensers Are Recommended

Many types of businesses require their employees to wear gloves when carrying out their duties, such as cleaning or food preparation. Gloves play an essential role in stopping the spread of harmful bacteria that can cause other employees or customers to become ill.

A disposable glove dispenser provides businesses with a simple way to always have disposable gloves nearby in their workplace that they can use to stop bacteria from spreading. By having a disposable glove dispenser on hand in high-volume areas such as prep stations, dishwashing stations, sandwich stations and deli lines, your employees can quickly change their gloves without wasting time, and therefore increase their efficiency. Our dispensers also don’t take up much space, meaning you’ll still have plenty of room to store other work equipment.

Industries Glove Dispensers Are Recommended For

  • Janitorial
  • Hospitality
  • Fast food
  • Food preparation
  • Food manufacturing
  • Hairdressing
  • Tattoo industry
  • Bio-security
  • Laboratories

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