Huggies Little Swimmers

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Huggies Swim Nappies

Most children love playing around in water. It’s highly recommended that you get your child used to being in water from an early age, especially considering the fact that going to the pool or beach is a popular pastime in Australia. However, very young children who wear nappies will need extra protection, as regular nappies swell up when exposed to water. The solution? Huggies Swimmers!

National Australian Necessity Supplies stocks Huggies Little Swimmers disposable nappies that are specially designed for babies to wear under their swimming costume or on their own when they’re in water. These nappies are perfect for young children to wear at home, the beach, public swimming pools or under sprinklers. Huggies Swimmers feature cute little Disney characters and are designed to look a lot like regular swimming costumes, saving your child from experiencing potential embarrassment.

Huggies Little Swimmers diapers provide maximum protection and allow both you and your child to have fun in the water without having to worry about your child’s comfort. They have easy to open sides and a very stretchy waistband that will move with the child’s body.

If you’re unsure which size Huggies Swimmers your child should wear, don’t worry; one of our staff members can recommend if your child should wear Huggies Little Swimmers Small nappies, Huggies Little Swimmers Medium nappies or Huggies Little Swimmers Large nappies.

Product Features

  • Won’t swell up when in water
  • Stretchy and easy to tear sides for quick adjustment and removal
  • Elastic side guards that enclose little accidents
  • Ideal to wear for all types of swimming and water related activities
  • Comfortable stretchy waistband that will move with the child’s body

Huggies Little Swimmers We Stock

  • Huggies Little Swimmers Small 3x12's
  • Huggies Little Swimmers Medium 3x11's
  • Huggies Little Swimmers Large 3x10's

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