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Crepe Bandages

National Australian Necessity Supplies stocks a huge range of bandage products that can be used across a number of medical applications. We supply customers across Australia with butterfly closure strips, conforming bandages, crepe bandages and triangular bandages from some of the best and most reputable suppliers in the industry. These products are durable, lightweight, and conform to the body to provide maximum comfort and protection.

AeroPlast Butterfly Closure Strips

AeroPlast butterfly closure strips provide an alternative to conventional stitching to close minor wounds without causing any pain. These thin, adhesive strips are applied over the wound in a quick and easy manner, pulling together the skin on either side of the wound without needing to use any anaesthetic. AeroPlast butterfly closure strips contain a SupaBond adhesive that ensures the strip won’t lift up or curl.

AeroForm Conforming Bandages

AeroForm conforming bandages have a high amount of stretch, making them ideal to wrap around any wounds or injured parts of the body that move around a lot. These lightweight and breathable products provide maximum comfort and are made to conform to the wound area, making them suitable to use on minor wounds that require only a low level of support.

AeroCrepe Crepe Bandages

AeroCrepe crepe bandages are suitable for low level support wound covering requirements and can be used to retain wound dressings, meaning they’ll keep wound pads and gauze in place. They’re designed to be highly durable, give support, relieve pain, minimise swelling, and conform to the wound area.

AeroBand Triangular Bandages

AeroBand triangular bandages are versatile dressings that can assist with the immobilisation and support of arms, shoulders and ribs. They’re a highly durable yet lightweight type of bandage that’s also disposable, making them important to include in any home or workplace first aid kit.

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