Incontinence Chair Pads

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  1. Conni Chairpad Large - Plaid
    Conni Chairpad Large - Plaid
     $40.00 ex. GST
  2. Kylie Chair Pad 61x51cm
    Kylie Chair Pad 61x51cm
     $49.69 ex. GST
  3. Kylie Pillow Cover 69x48cm
    Kylie Pillow Cover 69x48cm
     $13.56 ex. GST
Set Descending Direction

Waterproof Chair Pads

If you require durable protection against urinary and faecal incontinence for any type of seat you use, discover the range available at National Australian Necessity Supplies. We stock an extensive range of Conni and Kylie incontinence chair pads and chair protectors available in many different sizes and absorbency levels to help keep both yourself and your seat as clean, dry and comfortable as possible. Whether you’re specifically looking for incontinence chair pads washable or disposable products, NAN Supplies will have a product that suits your requirements.

Types of Seats Chair Pads Can Be Used For

  • Lounge chairs
  • Wheelchairs
  • Car seats
  • And more

Disposable Chair Pads

Using disposable incontinence chair pads can make matters much easier, as the pad can be simply thrown out after it’s been used. If this is what you’re after, NAN Supplies can help you find the right product. Our disposable Kylie and Conni chair protectors come in different sizes and absorbency levels. They feature a soft top layer, a core that absorbs fluid, and a plastic base that prevents leaks and will keep the pad in place.

Washable Chair Pads

NAN Supplies stocks a huge range of incontinence chair pads washable products that can be reused again and again. These are both environmentally friendly and budget friendly, as you won’t have to keep buying disposable products. They come with an absorption pad that has a protective slip-resistant backing sheet to stop liquids from leaking onto seats and minimise the likelihood of the seat getting stained or attracting an odour, all while ensuring the user feels comfortable at all times.

Washable Chair Pads Care Instructions

  • Turn and wash it inside out
  • Rinse the soiled pad if necessary
  • Wash the pad with regular laundry detergent in a washing machine set under 70°C so the water will be cold or lukewarm
  • Thoroughly rinse the pad
  • Spin dry the pad
  • If necessary, also tumble dry the pad under 70°C or hang it on a clothesline
  • It’s recommended that new chair pads are washed before being used for the first time
  • Do not bleach, iron, hand wash or wring out the pad, and never use fabric softeners

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