Craft Supplies

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  1. Matchstix Coloured 5000 Pack
    Matchstix Coloured 5000 Pack
     $19.75 ex. GST
  2. Wooden Dolly Pegs 60 Pack
    Wooden Dolly Pegs 60 Pack
     $19.55 ex. GST
  3. Matchstix Natural 2000 Pack
    Matchstix Natural 2000 Pack
     $14.35 ex. GST
  4. Mix A Paste 500g
    Mix A Paste 500g
     $44.15 ex. GST
  5. Fun Dough Accessories
    Fun Dough Accessories
     $8.31 ex. GST
  6. Painting Pegs 12 Pack
    Painting Pegs 12 Pack
     $12.12 ex. GST
  7. Popsticks Coloured 500 Pack
    Popsticks Coloured 500 Pack
     $13.29 ex. GST
  8. Pom Pom 300 Pack - Bright
    Pom Pom 300 Pack - Bright
     $12.68 ex. GST
  9. Pom Pom 200 Pack - Glitter
    Pom Pom 200 Pack - Glitter
     $10.90 ex. GST
  10. Scissor Left/Right 130mm
    Scissor Left/Right 130mm
     $1.96 ex. GST
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Craft Supplies Wholesale

As one of the leading providers of craft supplies in Australia, National Australian Necessity Supplies stocks an impressive selection of craft supplies online at competitive prices, helping to encourage children to get creative. You can find high-quality craft supplies wholesale from the best brands on the market when you shop with NAN Supplies. Whether you’re a parent who wants their children to do something creative on the weekend or you’re a teacher who wants to enhance your students’ artistic skills, we make it easy to order any type of craft material online.

Matchsticks & Popsticks

Children can create many fun things out of the matchstick and popstick products NAN Supplies has in stock, such as boxes, houses, rafts and much more. These products are very easy for toddlers and preschool age children to use and are available in both plain and brightly coloured options.


NAN Supplies stocks peg products that can be used for different crafting activities. Our wooden dolly pegs are perfect for construction and collage activities, as they can be painted on and are lightweight, while our coloured painting pegs can be used to grip paintings onto a line so they can dry.


One of NAN Supplies’ highest selling craft supplies online is our high-quality scissors. We stock a huge range of left-hand and right-hand scissors that are suitable for young children who are learning how to use them. Our scissors are able to cut through a range of materials and come with a soft grip handle that ensures the user’s hand feels comfortable when holding them.


NAN Supplies’ colourful chenille stems are a great way to encourage a child to get creative when participating in arts and crafts activities. They can be cut, bended, twisted and even linked together – the possibilities are endless!

Place Your Order with NAN Supplies Today

If you’re looking to bulk buy craft supplies wholesale, shop online today at NAN Supplies. You can also give us a call on 1800 333 331 or contact us online to learn more before you buy.