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Cleaning up after someone who suffers from incontinence can be a messy task. Understandably, this is a task that a carer would want to get done as quickly and efficiently as possible while ensuring the patient is completely clean.

Get maximum protection from germs and infection with the wide range of Active and Tena wet wipes, dry wipes and flushable wipes that National Australian Necessity Supplies has to offer. These high-quality hygienic wet wipes can be used to thoroughly scrub and cleanse skin and allow users to feel completely fresh afterwards.

Wet Hygiene Wipes

Adult-sized hygienic wet wipes are pre-moistened and disposable wipes that can be used to clean fragile, dry and sensitive skin. They’re highly recommended for use on adults who experience incontinence, helping to eliminate germs and as a result prevent bacteria and mould from developing and causing health issues. NAN Supplies has a huge range of both Active and Tena wet wipes in stock, available to purchase on our online store in bulk.

Dry Hygiene Wipes

NAN Supplies stocks both Active and Tena soft wipes that are very gentle on the skin and therefore ideal to use to clean the user’s body during the process of putting on a new incontinence aid. There are no any chemicals in these wipes to cause skin irritation for the user, and they have a level of absorbency that’s higher than a lot of wet wipes on the market due to not containing any additive ingredients.

Order Hygiene Wipes Online Today

If you’re struggling to find hygiene wipes that are right for your needs, check out our online store to find the right Active or Tena wet wipes or soft wipes for you. Contact NAN Supplies today by either calling 1800 333 331 or contacting us online to learn more about our hygienic wet wipes or soft wipes for adults with incontinence.


What are hygiene wipes used for?

Hygiene wipes are useful as an on-the-go alternative to soap and water, providing a way of gently cleansing the skin and maintaining hygiene. Hygiene wipes are suitable for home use as well as in low and high care nursing homes.

Are hygiene wipes suitable for use on sensitive skin?

While many hygiene wipes are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, formulations can vary from brand to brand. If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to check ingredients carefully and look out for signs of irritation when using any hygiene wipes for the first time.

How do I use hygiene wipes properly?

First, remove a wipe from the packaging, making sure to seal the pack again so the remaining wipes don’t dry out. Next, apply the wipe to the skin with a gentle wiping motion. Several wipes may be needed depending on the size of the area being cleansed.  After use, dispose of the wipe in a rubbish bin.

How do I store and dispose of hygiene wipes?

Hygiene wipes should be stored within the packaging they come in, which is specially designed to keep the wipes moistened. After use, the wipes should be disposed of by placing them in a rubbish bin. Hygiene wipes should not be flushed down the toilet.

Can hygiene wipes be used to clean surfaces in addition to skin?

Yes, hygiene wipes can be used to clean surfaces. It’s recommended that a fresh wipe is used for each separate surface to avoid contamination.

Are hygiene wipes a suitable alternative to traditional hand washing?

While hygiene wipes can be used to cleanse the hands, this isn’t a substitute for hand washing. For the most hygienic result, it’s best practice to thoroughly wash the hands using soap and water.

Are there any potential risks or drawbacks to using hygiene wipes?

Some individuals may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions when using hygiene wipes. If you notice any signs of irritation, it’s recommended that you discontinue use. Another potential drawback of using hygiene wipes is the impact they can have on the environment if they’re not disposed of properly.