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Wound Dressing Supplies

Wound dressing supplies are commonly found inside first aid kits, and for good reason. They can be used to cover both minor scrapes and more serious wounds, meaning no matter how bad the wound is, wound dressing will come in handy.

National Australian Necessity Supplies is proud to be a trusted supplier of wound dressing supplies online in Australia. We have an extensive range of products for your first aid kit, including combine dressing, non-adherent dressing, sterile cotton swabs, non-adherent eye pads and other products available in various sizes. No matter what it is you need, NAN Supplies has got you covered.

Product Brands We Stock

  • AeroPad
  • AeroWound
  • AeroSwab

Sterile Wound Dressing

As a leading supplier of AeroPad and AeroWound sterile gauze online, NAN Supplies can help you to treat many different types of wounds with our selection of high-quality non-adherent dressing supplies. These products can be used to control bleeding and stop infections from starting for minor grazes and cuts as well as more serious injuries. Non-adherent dressing supplies come in multiple sizes to suit different sized wounds, are highly absorbent, and are designed to minimise any wound trauma that occurs when the dressing is being changed.

Sterile Cotton Swabs

NAN Supplies stocks AeroSwab sterile cotton swabs that can be used to both clean and prepare the skin surrounding a wound before a dressing is placed on top of it. These products are made out of a sterilised and highly absorbent cotton gauze material that’s latex free.

Non-Adherent Eye Pads

Any injury that an eye incurs must be treated straightaway. NAN Supplies can provide you with high-quality AeroPad non-adherent eye pads that are specially designed to treat eye injuries such as grazes, cuts and minor burns. They work by using a stretchy conforming bandage that will hold the pad in place over the eye to completely cover it and protect it against infection. These eye pads contain a highly absorbent inner material that’s suitable for bleeding and weeping wounds.

Place Your Order Today

If you want to buy wound dressing supplies online from a reputable supplier, look no further than NAN Supplies. Give us a call on 1800 333 331 or contact us online for more information.