Bandaids & Adhesive Bandages

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Buy Bandaids & Adhesive Bandages in Australia

National Australian Necessity Supplies stocks the biggest range of first aid kit bandaids online. Commonly known as adhesive bandages, these products are essential to have in first aid kits, helping to cover minor wounds and keep the areas they cover clean to prevent infection. We stock adhesive bandages from leading wound care brands such as AeroPlast and A-Care, meaning you’ll always get hard-wearing and long-lasting products from us.

AeroPlast Adhesive Bandages

AeroPlast Fabric Adhesive Bandages

The AeroPlast fabric adhesive bandage is a hard-wearing dressing with a very strong and durable adhesive, making it highly recommended for when a long-lasting adhesive bandage is needed. It comes with a SuperBond hypoallergenic adhesive that provides a secure adhesion over the site of the wound, meaning it won’t lift or curl. It doesn’t contain any sticky residue, meaning you won’t feel any pain when taking the bandage off.

AeroPlast Plastic Adhesive Bandages

The AeroPlast plastic adhesive bandage is a highly recommended bandage product for keeping wounds clean and protecting them against infections caused by germs, water and dirt. This product is made out of breathable material that contains quilt-aid technology and non-stick pad technology that’s highly absorbent. These adhesive bandages can be used for all general wound applications.

A-Care Adhesive Bandages

A-Care Detect Blue Bandaids

If you’re looking to purchase A-Care Detect Blue Bandaids online, NAN Supplies can offer these products to you at a great price. This product is made to securely stick onto the skin and protect it against water, dirt and oil. These bandages are hypoallergenic, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and provide maximum protection. Blue bandaids are commonly used in the hospitality industry, particularly where the handling of food is concerned. Their blue colour makes them stand out, meaning if the bandaid falls off the wound and comes into contact with food, it will be easy to spot.

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