Incontinence Swim Shorts for Adults

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Incontinence Swimwear for Adults

National Australian Necessity Supplies carries a range of Conni incontinence swim shorts for adults who live with incontinence. We stock both women’s and men’s incontinence swim shorts that are made to stop urine and faeces from getting into the water. These highly discreet products allow users to keep having fun in the water when accidents happen, but without having to worry about any bladder or bowel matter escaping into the water.

Conni incontinence swim shorts for adults have been specifically designed to be worn and used in all water environments such as swimming pools and beaches and can be worn while participating in various kinds of aquatic leisure activities. They’re very popular due to their durability and flexibility and are recommended to wear by doctors, nurses, therapists and swimming schools. These products are made from a comfortable and flexible fabric that allows the wearer to adjust the size of the shorts to securely fit and give them the security they need when spending time in the water.

Product Features

  • Designed to contain bladder and bowel matter
  • Comfy, quiet and waterproof fabric
  • Comfortable and flexible with a built-in brief
  • Modifiable drawstring and toggles around the waist and legs to adjust the fit
  • Built-in vacuum seals in the inside leg openings that attach to wet skin
  • Machine washable

Men’s Incontinence Swim Shorts

NAN Supplies carries a range of Conni men’s incontinence swim shorts that are waterproof and absorbent, giving men the support they need when they’re in the water. Our selection of Conni men’s incontinence swim shorts provides a high level of continence care to men who live with incontinence issues and are specially designed to fit the male anatomy.

Women’s Incontinence Swim Shorts

NAN Supplies stock women’s swim shorts that are discreet and can help the user to feel comfortable and fully protected whenever they’re in the water. These products are made to be able to be adjusted to suit the shape of the user, ensuring the right amount of support is provided.

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