Folders and Filing

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  1. Dividers A to Z Tab
    Dividers A to Z Tab
     $7.97 ex. GST
  2. Dividers 12 Month Tab
    Dividers 12 Month Tab
     $7.05 ex. GST
  3. Dividers 10 Tabs Deli
    Dividers 10 Tabs Deli
     $3.58 ex. GST
  4. A4 2 Ring Binder - Black
    A4 2 Ring Binder - Black
     $6.03 ex. GST
  5. A4 2 Ring Binder - Blue
    A4 2 Ring Binder - Blue
     $6.03 ex. GST
  6. A4 2 Ring Binder - Red
    A4 2 Ring Binder - Red
     $6.03 ex. GST
  7. A4 2 Ring Binder - White
    A4 2 Ring Binder - White
     $5.52 ex. GST
  8. A4 Clip Folder - Black
    A4 Clip Folder - Black
     $8.03 ex. GST
  9. A4 Clip Folder - Blue
    A4 Clip Folder - Blue
     $8.03 ex. GST
  10. A4 Clip Folder - Red
    A4 Clip Folder - Red
     $8.03 ex. GST
  11. A4 Display Folder - Black
    A4 Display Folder - Black
     $1.82 ex. GST
  12. A4 Display Folder - Blue
    A4 Display Folder - Blue
     $1.82 ex. GST
Set Descending Direction

Wholesale Folders & Filing Supplies

Keep yourself organised with National Australian Necessity Supplies’ range of storage, filing and folder supplies. As leading bulk files and folders suppliers in Australia, we have a huge selection of visually striking and highly functional folder supplies that provide a simple yet effective way to organise files, categorise documents and provide reports to your clients in a professional and presentable manner.


If you require dividers and indices in an A4 size, NAN Supplies stocks a great range of A4 dividers – one of the most popular kinds of folder supplies. Our options are available in A to Z tab, 12 month tab and 10 tab varieties, allowing you to organise your documents in a way that suits you.

Ring Binders

NAN Supplies’ range of A4 ring binders are highly recommended for both document filing and presentation purposes. We offer black, blue, red and white ring binders that can be used for meetings or personal use and that come with a clear overlay on the front, back and spine for inserting covers, making it easy to identify the contents.

Clip Folders

Clip folders are one of NAN Supplies’ most commonly purchased folder supplies, providing a simple way to keep loose sheets of paper all together. The clip mechanism can secure a high number of A4 sized sheets, while the portrait format makes it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. We stock options in black, blue and red.

Display Folders

Display folders allow users to present files, reports and documents in a neat and professional manner. Our display folders are available in many different sizes and colours, ensuring you’ll find one that suits your requirements.

Manila Folders

Our A4 manila folders are perfect for storing and protecting loose sheets of paper and important documents. These durable folders come pre-creased to accommodate up to 25mm of paper, making it very easy to place papers inside.

Suspension Files

NAN Supplies stocks high-quality suspension files that are great for homes, offices and schools. These files come with tabs and inserts that make it easy to organise documents, plus they can be placed in filing cabinets, desk drawers and desktop organisers to keep your office space neat and clutter-free.

A4 Plastic Sheet Protectors

NAN Supplies’ A4 plastic sheet protectors are designed to provide long-term document protection. Made out of photocopy safe polypropylene material, these protectors ensure ink will not lift off or be affected by a chemical reaction. They also come with 11 holes punched into them, enabling them to be placed in 2, 3 or 4 ring binders.

Buy Folder Supplies Today

If you want to buy wholesale folders and other filing products online, look no further than NAN Supplies – one of the most reputable bulk files and folders suppliers Australia wide. Buy online today to get what you need, or give us a call on 1800 333 331 or contact us online for more information.