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Huggies Baby Wipes

A lot of works goes into looking after a baby’s skin, but this can be made a lot easier by using Huggies wet wipes. Just like with their well-known baby nappies, Huggies baby wipes also make looking after young babies a less stressful endeavour. These high-quality wipes are pre-moistened and disposable and are designed to thoroughly but gently clean a baby's sensitive skin. They’re also easy to use and carry around, meaning you can have them on hand if you need to change your baby in a public changing room.

National Australian Necessity Supplies is proud to be a leading supplier of Huggies baby wipes online. These products provide parents with a simple and convenient way to clean their baby without needing to use any water, soaps or towels. Parents and childcare centres looking to purchase Huggies bulk wipes will find exactly what they’re looking for on our online store.

Huggies wet wipes are designed to feel gentle on a baby’s soft and delicate skin and are suitably sized to clean a child’s body and face. They contain natural fibres and are very thick, soft and absorbent, ensuring the child will be completely clean.

Product Features

  • Gentle clean for a baby's naturally sensitive skin
  • Feels soft with a cushiony feel
  • Resealable closure tab that will keep the remaining Huggies wipes fresh and moist
  • High level of thickness and durability
  • 90% natural ingredients
  • Contains both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Alcohol free (i.e. ethanol and isopropanol), meaning the baby’s skin won’t feel irritated
  • Free of soap, fragrances, MI and paraben
  • Clinically proven to be safe to use on the face and hands of babies, including newborns
  • pH balanced

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