Diaper Booster Pads for Adults

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What are booster pads for adults?

Booster pads for adults are absorbent pads that are designed to be placed inside adult incontinence products, providing additional protection in order to increase their absorbency. Booster pads are helpful for instances where heavy leakage occurs or when regular changing isn’t possible.

How do booster pads for adults differ from those for children?

Booster pads for adults are generally larger than those designed for children and are made to be more absorbent. They’re also typically designed for the contours of an adult body.

What are the benefits of using booster pads for adults?

Using booster pads for adults can improve the absorbency of incontinence products and protect against leaks and spills. Booster pads come in a range of sizes and absorbency options to suit an individual’s needs and are designed to be thin and discreet when worn under clothing.

Can booster pads for adults be used with any type of incontinence product?

Booster pads for adults can be used in conjunction with a range of incontinence products, including adult incontinence underwear and pants. When used with these products, booster pads can help to improve absorbency and prevent leaks. If you’re unsure if booster pads can be used with a certain type of incontinence product, the team at NAN Supplies can provide friendly advice and assistance.

How do I choose the right size booster pad for an adult?

Choosing the right size of booster pad for an adult can depend on a range of factors, including the size of the incontinence product being used, the level of incontinence, and the absorbency required. The capacity of the booster pad in millilitres should also be considered to help ensure the right size is selected. It’s a good idea to try out several different sizes of booster pads in order to find the size that works best for you.

Are booster pads for adults discreet and comfortable to wear?

Most booster pads for adults are designed to be discreet and comfortable, however this can vary depending on the brand. Some booster pads may prioritise absorbency over comfort, making it important to read product specifications and read customer reviews before making a purchase.

How do booster pads for adults help to manage incontinence?

Booster pads can help adults to manage incontinence by adding an extra layer of protection and absorbency to incontinence products such as incontinence underwear and pants. This not only helps to prevent leaks, but can also extend the life of primary incontinence products.

Buy Diaper Booster Pads for Adults

Nappy booster pads (also commonly known as diaper booster pads) are large incontinence pads that are designed to be worn by adults who experience incontinence-related issues. Booster pads are typically placed inside protective underwear to provide an additional level of protection. However, they shouldn’t be worn inside regular underwear, as they don’t provide the amount of absorbency needed to deal with incontinence.

Understandably, choosing the right nappy booster pads can be a very difficult decision, as you may not know which level of absorbency you require. That’s where National Australian Necessity Supplies can help. We’re proud to stock the biggest selection of disposable unisex diaper booster pads for adults on the Australian market.

Our disposable Active booster pads provide a high level of extra absorbency and will help to keep you feeling dry while you conduct your day-to-day activities. You can feel completely confident that the nappy booster pads you buy from us are discreet and will fully absorb excess bodily fluids.

Our Active booster pads are renowned in the marketplace not only for their durability, but also for their comfort. Buy Active booster pads from us to benefit from wholesale pricing, saving you a significant amount of money. We have high-quality nappy booster pads available in a wide variety of sizes and absorbency levels, but at a fraction of the cost that our competitors offer them for. If you wish to bulk buy Active booster pads, get in touch with us to discuss pricing.

Product Features

  • Feels gentle on skin
  • Super absorbent
  • Adhesive strip that keeps pad securely in place
  • Breathable to permit airflow and minimise heat build-up
  • Soft cotton-feel top sheet
  • Latex free
  • Odour reduction control that retains freshness

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