Food Handling Gloves

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    Joey Poly Gloves 500's
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Polyethylene Gloves at NAN Supplies

If you work in the food service industry, your employees should use food safe gloves to ensure that the food they prepare for your customers is sanitary and safe to consume. Using poly disposable gloves made for food handling applications will stop the food from becoming contaminated and keep your employees’ hands comfortable while wearing them.

National Australian Necessity Supplies can supply restaurants and other types of food service businesses across Australia with Joey food handling gloves for prepping and handling food. The Joey poly gloves we have in stock are made to be ambidextrous and have a long shelf life, meaning our customers can bulk buy and stock up on these kitchen essentials so they won’t unexpectedly run out.

What Are Food Handling Gloves?

Food prep gloves are single-use poly disposable gloves that are a vital tool in ensuring that the food prepared in commercial kitchens is completely safe for consumption. Food prep gloves are designed to stop the transmission of foodborne pathogens and prevent any cross contamination from occurring, acting as a protective barrier between any germs on an employee’s hand and the food they’re preparing.

Why Food Handling Gloves Must Be Worn

Although all employees in the food industry are instructed to constantly wash their hands, they should still not handle food products with their bare hands, as this is known to transmit foodborne bacteria and illnesses. It’s imperative that workers take measures to protect customers from any contaminants that could enter the food they buy and consume. Having your employees wear food safe gloves will make sure that the food they prepare is completely safe to eat and ensure that your business is following all Australian food safety regulations.

When You Should Put On New Food Handling Gloves

  • Every four hours
  • When starting a food task
  • If the gloves have become torn, ripped or damaged
  • If gloves are contaminated or soiled
  • After handling raw meat, poultry or seafood
  • Before handling ready-to-eat food

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