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  1. Scouring Sponge 5 Pack
    Scouring Sponge 5 Pack
     $2.85 ex. GST
  2. Oates Dish Brush Radial
    Oates Dish Brush Radial
     $7.16 ex. GST
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Dish Cleaning Brush & Scour Products

National Australian Necessity Supplies’ extensive range of dish cleaning brush products includes stainless steel scour products and stainless steel scouring pads from premium brands such as Oates and Edco. These products make it easy to keep dishes and utensils clean. Browse through our online store to view our affordable products and get the best deals available.

Dish Cleaning Brush

Dishwashing can be a hard and time-consuming task, making it important to use a strong dish cleaning brush. NAN Supplies is a trusted supplier of Oates dish cleaning brush products that come with an ergonomically designed handle and feature hard-wearing bristles that are durable enough to remove tough grime, grease and food particles without scratching or causing damage.

Stainless Steel Scour

Stock up on the stainless steel scrubbing pads you need from NAN Supplies. We offer both residential and commercial clients Oates stainless steel scrubbing pads that are suitable for completing many kinds of dishwashing tasks. Every stainless steel scour we stock is reusable and capable of cleaning off even the toughest grease and grime.

Scouring Sponges

NAN Supplies stocks Edco scouring sponges in packs of five that can quickly clean off any stains, grime, dirt and other mess. These sponges include a sponge on one side that’s perfect for general cleaning tasks and a scourer on the other side to use on food residue and stains that are tougher to remove.

Order from NAN Supplies Today

If you’re looking to bulk buy dish cleaning brush, stainless steel scour or scouring sponge products from a reputable supplier, order from NAN Supplies today. Call us on 1800 333 331 or contact us online for more information.