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Dustpan and Brush Products

Even a tiny amount of rubbish and debris around your premises can give potential customers a bad impression of your business. Any businesses that get a lot of foot traffic should have high-quality dustpan and brush sets they can use to clean both indoors and outdoors, helping to clean up rubbish, dust, dirt and other kinds of debris. 

As leading dust pan suppliers in Australia, National Australian Necessity Supplies can supply your business with wholesale dustpans from Oates – one of the best dustpan and brush manufacturers in the industry. Every dustpan and brush set we stock is made from durable plastic, meaning our products can be used over and over again for cleaning tasks.

We aim to help our customers get the correct type of coloured dustpan and brush set for each room in their premises so they can fulfil their cleaning requirements. The colour coding of these sets helps to uphold interdepartmental cleaning requirements and prevent any cross contamination of bacteria from occurring, keeping your premises completely clean and safe.

Coloured Dustpans We Offer

Blue Dustpan and Brush Sets

Most cleaning tasks take place in common areas such as offices, hallways and lobbies, and a blue dustpan and brush set should be used for such areas. Shop with NAN Supplies today to get wholesale dustpans for general cleaning applications.

Green Dustpan and Brush Sets

NAN Supplies can supply cafes, restaurants, bars and other businesses in the hospitality sector with high-quality green dustpan and brush sets. Green dustpan sets are used to clean up kitchens, food preparation areas, food service areas, bar areas and other areas that need to comply with the stringent cleaning requirements of the hospitality industry. 

Red Dustpan and Brush Sets

NAN Supplies can supply your cleaning staff with red dustpan and brush sets for cleaning toilets, washrooms and bathrooms. Using these red products only in these rooms will ensure germs and bacteria cannot spread throughout the building.

Yellow Dustpan and Brush Sets

The healthcare sector follows very strict cleaning protocols, and this includes what kind of dustpan can be used. NAN Supplies can supply your hospital or healthcare facility with yellow wholesale dustpans for cleaning up infectious areas and isolation areas.

Discover Our Complete Range Today

If you want to bulk buy wholesale dustpans online from trusted Australian dust pan suppliers, make NAN Supplies your first destination. Browse our range online today, or call 1800 333 331 or contact us online for more information.