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Anyone who experiences light to moderate urinary incontinence should consider using incontinence pads, which are rectangular pads that can be placed inside regular underwear to provide adequate protection. In order to achieve the highest amount of protection possible, many incontinence pads are fabricated to be gender specific, meaning that they have more absorbent material positioned where the user needs it most.

National Australian Necessity Supplies has both Lille incontinence pads and Tena incontinence pads for sale for the lowest price on the market. We offer a huge selection of high-quality Lille pads and Tena pads for men and women, all of which are available in many different sizes to suit any customer’s needs. Available in a range of light to high absorbency levels, our incontinence pads are perfect for independent individuals who experience only irregular or light urinary incontinence or very light faecal incontinence. These products will keep the user feeling dry and clean while also allowing them to safely and discreetly stay active throughout the day.

All levels of incontinence can be properly managed with our range of Tena incontinence pads and Lille incontinence pads. Whether you specifically want Lille Supreme Light pads that handle light levels of incontinence or Tena Pads Super that handle higher levels of incontinence, you’re sure to find what you need amongst our product range. We also stock Lille pads and Tena pads for women that allow the wearer to feel fresh and capable of conducting their day-to-day activities without any issues.

Product Features

  • Soft white cloth-like outer cover that provides complete comfort, air circulation around the sides, and discretion.
  • Padding formation with long side leakage guards that provide high absorbency, comfort and dependability.
  • Wetness indicator that shows when it’s time to change the pad.
  • Dry lock core that minimises odour, holds the pad’s shape and position all day long and keeps the user dry.

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If you want to purchase a bulk quantity of either Lille pads or Tena pads for women or men, make NAN Supplies your first choice. Give us a call on 1800 333 331 or contact us online to discuss pricing.


How do incontinence pads work to absorb and contain urine and faeces?

Incontinence pads work to absorb and contain urine and faeces through the combination of materials they’re made from. An incontinence pad is made with an absorbent core that soaks up liquids, a soft layer of material on top of the core that’s gentle on the skin, and a waterproof outer layer to help contain urine and faeces and prevent leaking.

What types of incontinence pads are available, and how do I choose the right one for my needs?

There are a number of different types of incontinence pads available, including options varying in shape, size and capacity. At NAN Supplies, we stock everything from mini pads to maxi pads, as well as standard length pads, long length pads and other options from trusted brands such as Tena and Lille. When choosing the right incontinence pads, it’s important to take into account the size and capacity to ensure a comfortable fit without any leaks. You can also choose from pads designed for either males or females that better contour to the body.

How do I use incontinence pads properly?

Incontinence pads are designed to be easy to use. Simply take off the adhesive strips and backing paper and attach the pad to your underwear, positioning it so it provides full coverage while remaining comfortable. Make sure the underwear worn underneath is well-fitting, as underwear that’s too loose can cause the pad to shift and leak. Once the pad becomes soiled, replace it with a fresh pad as soon as possible and dispose of the soiled pad in the rubbish.

How often should I change my incontinence pads?

This will depend on a range of factors, including the level of incontinence and the size or capacity of the pad. Ideally, an incontinence pad should be changed as soon as it becomes damp or soiled, which will help to prevent odour, leaks, and irritation to the skin.

Can incontinence pads be worn with regular underwear, or do they need a special type of garment?

Yes, incontinence pads can be worn with regular underwear. No special garments or other incontinence aids are required, however it’s important to ensure the underwear fits well and isn’t too loose.

How do I care for and dispose of incontinence pads?

Disposable incontinence pads are simple to care for and dispose of. Make sure to store them in a dry environment, and to keep them hygienic, only open the packaging immediately before using. You can dispose of incontinence pads in sanitation bins or rubbish bins. Do not attempt to flush incontinence pads down the toilet, as this can result in a clog.

Are there any potential drawbacks or risks to using incontinence pads?

When using incontinence pads, it’s important to choose the right pad for your level of incontinence in order to prevent the risk of leaks. You should also change an incontinence pad as soon as it becomes damp to keep the skin dry and free from irritation.

Can incontinence pads be worn by both men and women?

Yes, incontinence pads can be worn by both men and women. While some options are designed for use by either gender, there are also options made specially for the male or female anatomy, providing a better fit for additional comfort.