Wet Wipes

Bulk Wet Wipes

Adult wipes are handy for everyday use, able to be used for full-body cleansing or for cleaning a person’s intimate areas when the incontinence product they’re wearing needs to be changed. At National Australian Necessity Supplies, we stock the very best wet wipes online that provide a simple way to clean a person you’re caring for without having to use any soap, water or towels. Anyone looking to purchase bulk adult wipes or baby wipes can find exactly what they’re looking for on our online store.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are pre-moistened and often disposable products that thoroughly cleanse, protect and moisturise even the most fragile, driest and sensitive skin. Wet wipes that are made for childcare centre usage or people living with incontinence can eradicate germs and help keep things healthy and hygienic. NAN Supplies provides customers with a convenient place to purchase bulk wipes online, including both scented and unscented products. We have products that are suitable for anyone who experiences incontinence, no matter what their age.

Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes are scented and dispersible single-use wet wipes that are both user friendly and environment friendly. They’re designed to feel firm enough for use but malleable enough so they will decompose after being flushed down a toilet. Check out NAN Supplies’ online store to purchase wholesale wipes online that can safely be flushed after use.

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