Anatomic Pads

Set Descending Direction
  1. Active Booster Pad 8x30's
    Active Booster Pad 8x30's
  2. Active Pad Normal Plus 4x30's
    Active Pad Normal Plus 4x30's
  3. Active Super Plus 4x30's
    Active Super Plus 4x30's
  4. Lille Form Maxi 4x20's
    Lille Form Maxi 4x20's
  5. Lille Form Super Plus 4x20's
    Lille Form Super Plus 4x20's
  6. Lille Form Extra Plus 5x25's
    Lille Form Extra Plus 5x25's
  7. Lille Form Reg Plus 4x25's
    Lille Form Reg Plus 4x25's
Set Descending Direction

Anatomic Incontinence Pads

Anatomic incontinence pads are booster pads for incontinence that come in an anatomic shape, making it easier to put the pad on and providing the user with complete comfort and protection against leakage. Anatomic pads come in a unisex design, are made for people who experience bladder incontinence, and are recommended to be worn with stretch pants.

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Product Features

  • Anatomical fit that corresponds with the user’s physical form to provide optimal comfort and free movement
  • Secure absorbent patch that immediately absorbs liquids and keeps the user dry
  • Anti-leakage barrier
  • Wetness indicator
  • Soft and discreet non-woven outer layer
  • Dry lock core that minimises odour and keeps the user dry

How to Put On Anatomic Incontinence Pads

  1. Unfold the pad and halve it lengthways so it forms as a cupped shape around the central region. Its anti-leak cuffs will make the pad straighten so it fits the user’s anatomical form.
  2. Place the pad between the legs from front to back.
  3. Pull the net pant up until it’s mid-tight. Adjust the pad and pant accordingly on the front side and between the legs.
  4. Pull the net pant up and adjust it accordingly when it is close to the crotch.

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