Incontinence Pull Ups & Pants

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Incontinence Pull Ups for Adults

Many adults experience either temporary or permanent urinary and bowel incontinence. People who live with incontinence can understandably feel embarrassed when they lose control of their bladder or bowels, especially in public. This issue is why National Australian Necessity Supplies is dedicated to providing high-quality adult pull up continence aids and pull up pads that allow you to no longer worry about the consequences of losing bladder or bowel control.

We stock a wide selection of pull up pants for adults from leading brands that are available in many different sizes and absorbency levels. Our pull up incontinence pants and pull up pads are highly recommended for customers who either experience incontinence themselves or care for someone who does. Whether you wish to buy Tena adult pants, Active pants, Conni adult pull ups or iD adult pull ups to suit a particular level of bladder or bowel incontinence, we can supply you with pull up incontinence pants for women and men that are right for your needs.

NAN Supplies’ range of incontinence pants for men and women caters for all gender-specific incontinence-related requirements. All of the Active, Conni, iD and Tena pants for women and men that we stock are comfortable, adjustable, slim fitting, very discreet, and feel a lot like real underwear. But most importantly, they’re extremely absorbent, meaning you won’t have to worry about any leakage occurring. We can’t recommend our range of Active, iD, Conni and Tena men pants and women pants highly enough for complete protection and discretion for all types of incontinence issues.

Incontinence Pull Ups for Adults We Stock:

  • iD Pull-Up Pants
  • Active Adult Continence Pants
  • Tena Adult Pants
  • Conni Pull-Up Pants

Order Today from NAN Supplies

Looking for adult pull up continence aids and pull up pads online that are affordable and quick and easy to put on and change? NAN Supplies stocks the best selection of incontinence pull ups in Australia. Order online today, or give us a call on 1800 333 331 or contact us online for more information.


How do incontinence pull-up pads work to absorb and contain incontinence?

Incontinence pull-up pads are able to absorb and contain incontinence due to the high-absorbency materials they’re made from. These materials absorb quickly, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. Some incontinence pads also feature odour control technology to prevent odours from developing.

Are incontinence pull-up pads suitable for both men and women?

Yes, both men and women can wear incontinence pull-up pads. It’s best to buy specific pull-up pads for males or females, as these will be better designed to suit the anatomy.

How do incontinence pull-up pads fit and feel compared to regular underwear or diapers?

Incontinence pull-up pads are designed to fit and feel just like regular underwear. In addition to being soft, breathable and kind to the skin, there are also options available that are undetectable under clothing.

How should incontinence pull-up pads be cared for and disposed of after use?

You can care for incontinence pull-up pads before wear by storing them in a dry, moisture-free location. After use, disposable pull-up pads should be placed inside a plastic bag and disposed of in the bin.

Are there any factors to consider when choosing the right size or absorbency level of an incontinence pull-up pad?

When choosing the right size of incontinence pull-up pad, it’s important to consider your body type and weight to ensure you choose a suitable size that will fit well and be comfortable to wear. You’ll also want to select an absorbency level that’s suitable for the severity of incontinence that’s experienced. Some pull-up pads are designed for light incontinence, while more absorbent options are available to accommodate moderate to heavy incontinence.

Can incontinence pull-up pads be worn discreetly under clothing, or do they tend to be noticeable?

While it can depend on the specific type and brand, incontinence pull-up pads are typically designed to be discrete. This means you can usually wear them under clothing without them being noticed by others.

Are there any special considerations for using incontinence pull-up pads during physical activity or travel?

For special cases such as travelling or participating in physical activity, you may wish to use pull-up pads that are designed specifically for that purpose. For example, active pull-up pads are available that have a higher absorbency while allowing for greater freedom of movement, making them suitable for sports and other activities.

Are there any brands or retailers that are known for their high-quality incontinence pull-up pads?

Yes, there are a number of reputable brands that offer high-quality incontinence pull-up pads. Some of the most popular options include Tena, Conni and Active.