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  1. Edco Wringer Bucket 15L - Blue
    Edco Wringer Bucket 15L - Blue
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  2. Edco Wringer Bucket 15L - Red
    Edco Wringer Bucket 15L - Red
     $48.33 ex. GST
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Buy Buckets Wholesale in Australia

Australian businesses can eliminate germs and bacteria that may be lurking on their floors when they buy high-quality wringer buckets wholesale from National Australian Necessity Supplies. As a trusted supplier of cleaning products in Australia, we offer Oates buckets wholesale that are made from strong and durable plastics, making them a long-lasting choice. Not only that, but they’re also easy to move around and come with an easy-to-use handle that squeezes out any excess water from the mop.

We have wringer buckets wholesale available in a wide range of colours that indicate which bucket should be used to fulfil specific cleaning applications in particular areas of a building. Following a colour-coded system can prevent any type of cross-contamination from occurring, meaning your whole premises will be completely clean and safe.

Coloured Wringer Buckets We Offer

Blue Wringer Buckets

Most cleaners need to carry out general cleaning, and blue wringer buckets are perfect for this. NAN Supplies sells blue wringer buckets wholesale that can be used in low risk areas such as offices, hallways, lobbies and day-to-day work areas. 

Green Wringer Buckets

The hospitality and food service industries have very strict cleaning requirements, and as such need cleaning equipment that’s purpose made for this industry. NAN Supplies offers green wringer buckets wholesale for cleaning the floors in kitchens, food preparation areas, food service areas, bars and more.

Red Wringer Buckets

It doesn’t take long for germs and bacteria to build up in toilets and bathrooms, necessitating frequent cleaning. At NAN Supplies, we can supply red wringer buckets wholesale that are made to be used to clean toilets, washrooms and bathrooms.

White Wringer Buckets

The healthcare sector has to follow some of the strictest cleaning procedures, making it important to use the appropriate cleaning equipment. NAN Supplies can supply healthcare facilities with white wringer buckets that can be assigned to be used to clean operating theatres and other types of clinical areas. 

Yellow Wringer Buckets

Considering how important it is to use dedicated cleaning equipment in the healthcare sector, it’s also imperative to use particular cleaning equipment to clean up infectious areas. NAN Supplies stocks yellow wringer buckets that can be used to clean and disinfect both infectious areas and isolation areas in healthcare facilities, ensuring that any infections do not spread throughout the facility.

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If you want to bulk buy buckets wholesale from an Australian supplier, give NAN Supplies a call on 1800 333 331 or contact us online for more information.