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Active Unscented Wipes

National Australian Necessity Supplies stocks a huge range of high-quality Active unscented wipes for both adults and babies. Not only do these gentle Active Wipes have no smell to them, but they also contain natural Aloe Vera and vitamin E that will soothe, restore and protect sensitive skin. These wipes can completely clean the skin without dehydrating it, all while eliminating 99.9% of bacteria.

Active Wipes are dermatologically tested and highly recommended for treating fragile skin. They’re made out of a soft moisturised cloth that nourishes and keeps sensitive skin clean, helping it to feel softer and more refreshed. These high-quality cleansing wipes can be used multiple times throughout the day on the user’s body, as they’re alcohol-free and pH neutral. It’s also unnecessary to put any water on these wipes to use them, plus a single wipe has the high level of thickness and strength of a handful of smaller lower quality wipes.

Active Unscented Wipes for Adults

Seniors and adults with disabilities may prefer to use unscented wipes instead of scented wipes that come with a smell that may remind them of traditional baby wipes. In addition, adults who need to use wipes must ensure the wipes they use are suitable for adult use. This is because the faecal matter an adult produces has a much higher level of bacteria in it than baby faecal matter, and baby wipes don’t always have the antibacterial ingredients needed for adult care. NAN Supplies stocks Active Wipes for adults that are completely unscented and will get the job done.

Active Unscented Wipes for Babies

As babies and newborns have more delicate skin compared to adult skin, scented wipes can irritate their skin. This is why it’s recommended that parents use unscented wipes specifically made for very young children. NAN Supplies stocks Active Wipes for babies and newborns that will keep them clean and stop any bacteria from developing.

Buy Active Wipes Online Today

If you’re searching for an online store that sells high-quality unscented Active Wipes for both adults and very young children, make NAN Supplies your first destination. To learn more about our available products, call us on 1800 333 331 or contact us online.