COVID Essentials

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COVID Essentials

If you want to give your family or employees the best defence possible from COVID-19 and other airborne and contact viruses, buy personal protective equipment from National Australian Necessity Supplies. As trusted PPE suppliers in Australia, we stock a huge range of high-quality COVID safe products that will help to protect your family or staff. Whether you want to stock up on face masks or rapid COVID nasal test kits, we can supply customers across Australia with all the COVID supplies they need.

Face Masks

Face masks are COVID essentials that people should wear as much as possible to limit their exposure to COVID-19. At NAN Supplies, we stock adults and children’s PPE Tech and Softmed face masks that work as a protective barrier, helping to stop viruses from entering the wearer’s system through their nose or mouth. All of our face masks are made from comfortable materials and allow wearers to breathe with ease.

COVID Rapid Antigen Nasal Test Packs

COVID rapid antigen nasal tests provide users with a safe and effective way to learn if they’ve caught any variant of the COVID-19 virus. NAN Supplies stocks Clungene COVID-19 rapid antigen nasal test packs that allow for quick testing, with results available within just 15-20 minutes.

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Buy personal protective equipment and other COVID supplies today from NAN Supplies to keep your family or staff safe. Call us on 1800 333 331 or contact us online to learn more about our COVID safe products.